The Situation.

Headfirst Honor Roll Camps are the premier national venue for 
high-academic, baseball and softball high school students to connect with college coaches. Facing new competition, our client sought to reinforce their brand and build a foundation to expand into other sports.

What IF?

Our team dove in to explore this elite world and uncover the distinctive truths about the Headfirst Honor Roll Camp experience. What if we could help them stand apart from the competition, while appealing to three distinctive groups: student-athletes, over-invested parents and 
high-academic college coaches?

The NOW.

On a shoestring budget, we spent time in the dugouts and learned that building student confidence and quieting their anxiety is the #1 key to acquisition. Our team developed the #MakeYourOwnMark campaign (#MYOM) to put control back into the hands of the athletes and give them the green light to find the collegiate match that’s right for them.