The Situation.

Bays English Muffins is a beloved traditional brand, but Nielsen data showed their core audience was aging faster than week-old bread!
Their leadership asked our team to evaluate a social media and Facebook strategy to test the waters with a younger audience.

What IF?

We started with a single Facebook test for the Holiday season, and with solid results expanded to quarterly engagements to drive new usage occasions or “New Ways to Bays.” What if we could expand usage among the core audience, while also driving new awareness of this classic “staple” to a younger audience?

The NOW.

From snacks to appetizers to burger buns to classic English Muffin pizzas, we’ve seen usage increase beyond breakfast and Bays social audience nearly triple to 300,000. With new Facebook targeting and recipes ideas, we’ve helped Bays retain key retail facings in the refrigerated dairy case; built ongoing Facebook engagement; added a Pinterest recipe library; and started new Instagram engagements.